What does Thinkurity do?

Cybersecurity and

Thinkurity was set up to enable all customers to safely enter the world of digitalisation. To do this, we collaborate with reliable partners such as Janz Tec AG and work intensively with universities and research institutions. What makes our way of working so unique is its holistic approach. We at Thinkurity do the thinking for you – from the beginning to the end of your digitalisation strategy.

Thorough analysis of your current IT concepts is essential in order to understand where we should start and to offer you an individual solution. After our comprehensive analysis, we work with you to develop a digitalisation strategy. Why with you? Because digitalisation is a process based on people. A concept developed together with your team will always be more successful than one that comes from strangers.

For us, digitalisation and agility go hand in hand.
Once the digitalisation strategy has been decided, we develop the implementation concept together with you. This includes both organisational and technical options. We also support you during ongoing operation, so that we can offer you a full service for your digitalisation strategy.


The Team

The minds behind Thinkurity

Dr Harald Hoffmann

Doctor of Engineering specialising in electrical engineering. Head of the Systems Engineering department and Senior Consultant responsible for Operational Service at Janz Tec AG; Managing Director of Thinkurity GmbH.

Dr Markus von Detten

Graduate IT specialist, doctorate in software technology. Responsible for the Software Development and Systems Engineering divisions at Janz Tec AG; Managing Director of Thinkurity GmbH.


Digital transformation

as a way to achieve your
company’s goals

Migration strategy

for existing services
and data

Digital partnership

for recording and analysing
operating parameters

Big data concept

with secure infrastructure
for storage and analysis

Retrofit solutions

for digital data collection
and communication

Thinkurity – your architect

for digitalisation and cybersecurity solutions
in the B2B environment

Application examples

Individual solutions and concepts for your business

Now you have learned more about our company and the minds behind Thinkurity, have a look at our application examples from the aviation industry to see how exactly we work and which solutions we can find for you. Take a look at concepts we have already implemented to find out what Thinkurity can do for your business.

Digitalisation of MRO

We implement airlines’ fleet availability requirements in order to secure your company’s position on the market. Together with us, choose digital technologies to control and implement internal processes.

Digitalisation of small fleets

As a business charter company, you ensure that all services are billed quickly, reduce turnaround times and increase the number of on-time arrivals. Enhance the attractiveness of your services with us.

Future urban air transport

You develop, build and operate air taxis. We work with you to develop all the business processes you need and map them in a system concept that takes all approval-related regulations into account.