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From analysis to technical implementation:
achieving success together with the IT specialists from Thinkurity.


Experience and expertise in digitalisation and cybersecurity

Our experience and expertise in the fields of digitalisation and cybersecurity enable us to support companies in the digital transformation of their business models and processes. Strategy consulting, solution architecture and implementation management are all among our successful activities.

Every solution begins with initial consultation. Together with you, we analyse the status quo and use it to develop a bespoke concept that sees digital transformation as a way to achieve your company’s goals. Cybersecurity is an integral part of this concept. Thinkurity supports you with services and comprehensive advice.

Following detailed consultations, we are your architect for digitalisation and cybersecurity solutions in the B2B environment. We work with you to develop individual solutions that both safeguard and advance your business. To implement them, we rely on a broad network of reliable and experienced partners. And we do not leave you high and dry when it comes to operating the solution, either.

Thinkurity offers you the full service for your digitalisation journey – consulting, implementation, integration and operation.


Digitalisation and agility –
achieving success together

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Solution architecture

Consulting, implementation,
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Aviation industry

A growing market with growing demands

The aviation industry is facing new challenges. Achieving climate goals, improving service quality in every field and making efficient use of the entire infrastructure both on the ground and in the air are just some of the challenges that need tackling as quickly as possible. Thinkurity is your reliable partner here. Our mission is to meet these challenges.

Where do we start? The cybersecurity and digitalisation components are our focus. Here we pursue a consistent solution approach: from analysis and strategy to the technical and organisational implementation together with our partners.

Our focus includes the following topics:

  • Network and data exchange – all participants in the aviation ecosystem can and must be linked. Safeguarding the confidentiality and integrity of the exchanged data is a key focus.
  • Harmonisation – integration of new and existing technologies in the fields of connectivity and data processing to form a systemic approach, harmonisation of devices.
  • Open systems – use of open standards wherever possible, establishment of flexible architectures, seeing change as an opportunity in IT.

Application examples

Individual solutions and concepts for your business.

In the following application examples from the aviation industry, we want to show you how we work and which solutions we can find for you. Take a look at concepts we have already implemented to find out what Thinkurity can do for your business.

Digitalisation of MRO

We implement airlines’ fleet availability requirements in order to secure your company’s position on the market. Together with us, choose digital technologies to control and implement internal processes.

Digitalisation of small fleets

As a business charter company, you ensure that all services are billed quickly, reduce turnaround times and increase the number of on-time arrivals. Enhance the attractiveness of your services with us.

Future urban air transport

You develop, build and operate air taxis. We work with you to develop all the business processes you need and map them in a system concept that takes all approval-related regulations into account.